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Edirne Commodity Exchange aims to increase the quality of services given to the members, to form a collective power through trade associations, non governmental organizations (NGO’s) and all other institutional elements of the provincial administration, and to be an objective, transparent and reliable source of reference to be followed by other commodity exchanges from our country and around the world, especially for product prices that are determined by the sales supported through laboratory analysis.

Quality Policy
Umurbey Mah. Büyükdöllük  Yolu Üzeri Sok. No:7 - EDİRNE • Tel: 0.284.226 85 00(Pbx) • Faks: 0.284.226 85 01
Canlı Hayvan Satış Tesisleri Tel: 0.284.226 85 00(161) Faks: 0.284 226 85 02
Süpürge Teli Satış Tesisleri Tel:0.284.235 53 85
Lalapaşa İrtibat Bürosu Tel: 0.284.321 40 56 • Süloğlu İrtibat Bürosu Tel:0.284.311 32 11
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