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The Most Dry Period of the Last 91 Years in Edirne 26.09.2020

Thrace is experiencing the driest year of recent years due to the lack of snow in winter and rain in summer. In Edirne, where an average of 601 millimeters of rain has fallen per square meter since 1929, and this year's average remained at 317. Edirne, which has only 1.6 millimeters of rainfall per square meter in August since July, is experiencing the least rainy period of the last 91 years. In the city where ponds and dams are about to dry up, the producer, who has lost yield in wheat and sunflower, cannot enter the field to plant crops due to the hardening of the soil because of the drought.

Thrace; as one of the most important centers of products in Turkey such as rice, wheat, sunflower is  experiencing the driest period of the last 91 years. Producers from Edirne, who lost their yield due to drought in crops such as sunflower and wheat, cannot enter the fields where they want to prepare their cultivation due to the hardening of the soil. In Edirne, where there are deep cracks in the soil due to drought, producers are worried that they will not be able to prepare their fields for planting unless it rains.

Yayın Tarihi: 27 Eylül 2020 Pazar, 15:38

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